SAEM Innovations in EM Education abstracts due Jan 20

The abstract submission deadline for the upcoming SAEM annual meeting has come and passed. However, the Innovations in EM Education (IEME) abstract deadline is January 20. So, if you have an innovative educational project, consider submitting an abstract. Instructions can be found at the SAEM Meeting website.

Here were the abstracts accepted in 2009:
  • A Novel Approach to Teaching Periocardiocentesis
  • Receiving: The Use of Web 2.0 to Create a Dynamic Learning Forum to Enrich Resident Education
  • A Model for Ultrasound-Assisted lumbar Puncture
  • "Sim Wars": A New Edge to Academic Residency Competitions
  • Use of Simulation Technology in Forensic Medical Education
  • The Thanksgiving Turkey Tap: A New and Simple Model for Teaching Ultrasound-Guided Thoracentesis
  • Geriatric Emergency Medicine Educational Module: Abdominal pain in the Older Adult
  • The Emergency Informatics Transition Course: A Flexible, On-Line Course in Health Informatics for Emergency Medicine Clinicians and Trainees
  • The ER of the Future: an Interdisciplinary Graduate Course in Healthcare Design
  • Teamwork Training for Interdisciplinary Applications
  • Skin Abscess Model for Incision and Drainage
  • Model for Ultrasound Assisted Lumbar Puncture Training
  • Geriatric Emergency Medicine With Integrated Simulation Curriculum
  • An Inexpensive, Easily Constructed, Reusable Task Trainer for Simulating Ultrasound-Guided Pericardiocentesis
  • Multimedia Emergency Bedside Ultrasound Quality Assurance Feedback
  • The E.R. Game
  • Effect of an Integrated of Public Health Curriculum in an Emergency Medicine Residency
  • Basic Emergency Medicine Skills Workshop as the Introduction to the Medical School Clinical Skills Curriculum
  • Use of Embalming Machine to Create Central Venous Access Model in Human Cadavers
  • Competency Testing Using a Novel Eye Tracking Device
Today, I submitted an abstract about this very blog (read below), entitled "Faculty Blogging: A novel approach to teaching in the Web 2.0 era". It's grown beyond a fun little experiment that was originally built as an outlet to formalize my thoughts about academia. Now it's received over 13,000 visits. Cross my fingers that I get accepted.

A blog, a contraction of "web log", is an online journal with periodic updates by the author(s). In the digital age of Web 2.0, blogs have become extremely popular. Rarely are there blogs on medical education and academia.

In July 2009, a new blog was created called “Academic Life in Emergency Medicine”, authored by a single faculty member in academic emergency medicine (EM). The website is

The purpose of this blog is to provide readers with an informal and accessible insight into academia, from the perspective of a faculty member with a niche in education, educational innovations, and educational technologies. The target audience is broad and includes medical students, EM residents, and practicing emergency physicians in the United States and internationally.

The blog currently follows a Monday through Friday schedule of postings. The schedule is as follows: review of a medical education article (Mon), works in progress and faculty hero spotlights (Tue), sneak peek from my "Tricks of the Trade" ACEP News column (Wed), what's on my mind? (Thu), and Paucis Verbis "peripheral brain" project (Fri).

Website Activity: During the period of July 1, 2009 to January 13, 2010, the author posted 163 entries. Based on Google Analytics tracking, the website has recorded 13,218 visits with 20,358 different pages viewed. These visits came from 2,035 cities and 6 continents. There are 5,728 inbound links from other websites to this blog.

Conclusion: A faculty blog website is a novel, dynamic, and interactive approach to teaching EM using Web 2.0 technology.

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